10 Unconventional Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

So you have been invited to a Baby Shower and the all important question (other than what to wear) is what should you get the mum to be. Now you can be like most others and give clothing, I mean who can resist those tiny onesies! But if you are willing to venture out of the clothing circle, please read on!

P.S. I am a fan of giving a themed gift as you will see below.


Once the little bundle of joy reaches the recommended age to begin solids, feeding equipment outside of bottles begin to play an increasingly larger role. The Mum to be will appreciate any of the following:- Spoons, Bowls, Plates, Suctions, Sippy cups, Cups, Plastic bibs, Silicone bibs.


Any parent can tell you that diapers will be one item that will be purchased for a number of years. And diapers aren’t cheap! One of the games at my baby shower was a Diaper Raffle, whereby a guest can enter the raffle by bringing a pack of diapers (do indicate which brand you prefer).

Cloth Diapers

Since secondary school, I have made conscious environmentally friendly steps to living a more eco-happy life and now that I am a mum, I am keenly aware of the carbon footprint that is disposable diapers therefore I purchased the Koala Baby cloth diapers before my son was born. I have used them since his birth along with disposable diapers. (I can’t yet make the complete change). Any eco-friendly mum to be would love this gift!


Which kid doesn’t love toys! Not many persons give toys at baby showers and I can’t fathom the reason. Good quality toys can also be relatively inexpensive, so this is a must buy for baby showers! Some options can be stroller toys or car seat toys to keep a baby amused during transport.


Living in Trinidad and a short 25-minute flight away from the beautiful waters of Tobago, going to the beach is a must for every Caribbean family. Some first-time parents may not think to purchase beach, river or pool necessities for their baby until a few months after birth. The foresight of this gift will be adored. A gift set containing a sun hat, water shoes, sunscreen, bathing suit would be the talk of the baby shower.


A major daily activity for parents and baby is bath time. Bath toys make bathing fun but why stop there! Hooded towels, baby Wash, baby lotion, washcloths would make a considerate yet relatively affordable present.


Reading to your baby offers stimulation and is an opportunity for further bonding. How could purchasing a story book be anything but a good idea? In my experience, babies tend to enjoy sing along books, lift-flap books/peek-a-boo books.


After you get over the fact that you are literally sucking the snot out from your baby’s nose, you will come to realise how invaluable the ‘Snot sucker’ is! Infants are “obligate or preferential nasal breathers”, which means that they only breathe through their noses for the first few months of life. Clearing the nasal passage will help alleviate any stuffy nose and also the mind of a parent. This will make for a very thoughtful gift.


Before a baby becomes more mobile and more curious, it is recommended that a parent baby-proof the home. Gifting a mum-to-be with finger pinch guards, corner guards, outlet covers, cabinet and drawer latches though might seem to be boring, it is quite practical.


Whether a mum is breastfeeding or bottle feeding, these pillows allow for comfort and/or some free time. I generally propped my son on the pillow to drink his bottle allowing me a few moments of free time. When purchasing, buy a pillow with a washable and removeable cover for the mum-to-be.


Now Baby showers aren’t/shouldn’t be only about gifting the unborn baby but the mum to be needs some pampering too! After carrying around all that extra weight for 9 months on average, a woman needs some special treatment, in the form of massages, manicures, pedicures, facials! The list can go on and on…


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Vasanti Maharaj is a Work at Home Mom to a June 2017 baby boy! Her life currently revolves around him…(sorry husband, lol) and so she decided to share her adventures and misadventures in motherhood. She hopes that these experiences and tips are helpful. Follow her @mummyhood_and_things.

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