About us 

MOMS Connect is an organization that produces events and programs designed to connect, support, inspire and empower mothers here in Trinidad and Tobago.


The main mission of the organization is to build and foster a supportive community amongst mothers, providing them with experiences and opportunities, which promote connectivity, whilst networking with experts whose aims are to inspire and empower mothers.

Our events and programs are designed to address and deal with the many challenges which we as moms face in our daily lives, all whilst providing helpful solutions and tips. The events will vary in size, setting, subject matter and professionals, providing unique experiences with the intention of achieving our main goal, which is to connect, support, inspire and empower mothers

Shaina Parris

Our Team

Behind MOMS Connect are two lifelong friends and passionate mothers, Shaina Parris and Lisa-Marie Mac Lean.


Motherhood has been a great blessing, however the reality of motherhood is that it does not come with a manual, some days are tougher than others, and many times moms are not sure if they are doing the right thing. Luckily for our founders adjusting to these changes and adapting to the challenges have been something they get to face together. In supporting each other through their daily challenges the inspiration to create MOMS Connect was born.

’We felt as though there was a huge lack of support, information and sense of community amongst mothers in the country.’ Lisa and Shaina  (Founders)

It is their life’s passion and goal to provide mothers with a platform that enables them to get the support and knowledge necessary to be the best individual and mother that they need to be. 

Lisa-Marie Mac Lean

      Dedicated to Abigail Marie Young Sing-Ragobar

    An amazing mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and so much more.